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Dr. Douglas L. Drobbin, D.C.

Dr. Drobbin loves connecting with people, giving them hope and providing them with results. As soon as you meet him, you’ll be reassured and know he’s good at what he does and that he’s going to spend as much time as you need.

Why Chiropractic?

After completed his undergraduate studies, he took a year off from school. He accompanied his mother to her chiropractic appointment in July. While there, the chiropractor gave him his first ever adjustment. His response – “What was that? Wow!”

The chiropractor asked him if he liked helping people, and he said yes. He enrolled in chiropractic school that Sept.

An Education in Chiropractic and More

Dr. Drobbin graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 1980 and has been practicing ever since. He’s passionate about providing the best service and being excellent in providing it. He wants to make sure that each person that leaves his office is the best they can be at that moment.

“To live, to love and to serve out of his own abundance” is the standard that guides his practice.

Outside of the Practice

When Dr. Drobbin became a chiropractor, it signaled a shift in the health and wellness of his whole family. They became more health conscious and watched their nutrition. They now lead a much healthier, natural lifestyle.

Dr. Drobbin has four adult children, one of whom is a successful chiropractor in Atlanta, GA. In his spare time, he likes to go hiking, boating and spend time at the beach.

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